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CA DIR Labor Compliance Rules and Regulations

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CA DIR Labor Compliance Rules and Regulations

Our course CA DIR Labor Compliance Rules and Regulations offers an in-depth examination of the DIR Prevailing Wage requirements, which is designed to safeguard the rights and compensation of workers employed on public works projects. By exploring the intricate nuances of this law, participants gain a thorough understanding of its provisions and implications.


One of the central aspects covered in the course is the expansive definition of “workers” under the DIR Labor Compliance requirements. This definition includes various categories of individuals, such as laborers, workers, or mechanics, highlighting the law’s inclusive approach to protecting all those involved in public works projects. By encompassing a broad range of roles, the law ensures that no worker is left unprotected or unfairly compensated.

Furthermore, the course delves into the concept of “employment” on public works projects, emphasizing that it extends beyond traditional employer-employee relationships. Even individuals whose services contribute to the project in any capacity are considered employees under the prevailing wage law. This broad interpretation underscores the law’s intent to cover all workers involved in the project, regardless of their specific roles or contractual arrangements.

CA Prevailing Wages

A significant focus of the course is on the calculation of prevailing wages, which is based on specific criteria outlined in the law. Participants learn how prevailing wages are determined, including regular hourly rates for standard hours and premium rates for overtime or weekend work. Understanding these calculations is crucial for ensuring compliance with the law and guaranteeing that workers receive fair compensation for their labor.

Moreover, the course explores various compliance requirements imposed on employers and contractors, such as accurate record-keeping and submission of certified payroll records. Participants gain insights into the obligations and responsibilities associated with prevailing wage compliance, as well as the potential penalties for non-compliance.

Overall, the course equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the DIR Prevailing Wage Law effectively. By understanding who is protected under the law, how prevailing wages are calculated, and what compliance entails, participants can ensure fair treatment and compensation for workers on public works projects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the DIR Prevailing Wage Law, including its protective measures for workers engaged in public works projects, irrespective of their title or status. This entails insights into the interpretation and application of key provisions, such as the broad definition of "workers" and the inclusive nature of "employment" on public works projects.

Course Content

1. Understanding DIR Prevailing Wage Law: Who is Protected and What You Need to Know
Learning CA DIR Labor Compliance is Easy, Peasy

  • CA DIR Prevailing Wages Introduction
  • DIR Prevailing Wages?

2. Decoding Public Works: Understanding Labor Code 1720 and Prevailing Wage Laws

3. Prevailing Wage Laws: Director’s Authority, Coverage Determinations, and Exclusions

4. Dealing with California Chartered Cities and University Affairs

5. CA DIR Public Works Contractors’ Obligations Under Labor Code 1776

6. Navigating Payroll Compliance: DIR Certified and Electronic Records in Public Works

7. Understanding DIR CPRs Compliance: Labor Code Section 1776 Guidelines

8. Decoding Prevailing Wage Rates: A Guide to Labor Code Section 1774 Compliance

9. Navigating Overtime in DIR Public Works Projects

10. DIR Apprenticeship Standards: Contractor Obligations and Compliance under Labor Code § 1777.5

11. Navigating Penalties for Failure to Submit DAS Form 140 and Minimum Ratio Violations

12. Understanding Affirmative Defense for Minimum Ratio Violations in Apprenticeship Standards

13. California’s Prevailing Wage: Scope of Work, Travel and Holidays

14. Understanding Overtime in California Public Works Projects

15. CA DIR Understanding Credit for Employer Payments

16. Understanding Employer Payments and Prevailing Wage Obligations in California

17. Determining Employer Payments for Each Worker

18. Decoding CA DIR Annualization in Prevailing Wage Compliance

19. Navigating Prevailing Wage Penalties: Understanding Labor Code Section 1775 and Safe Harbor Provisions

20. Understanding Labor Code Penalties and Administrative Review

21. DIR Enforcement: Penalties, Liquidated Damages, and Debarment

22. Labor Commissioner’s Role in Prevailing Wage Enforcement

23. DIR Prevailing Wage Compliance and Contractor Registration Changes

24. DIR Penalties for Unregistered Contractors

25. Navigating DIR Skilled and Trained Workforce Requirements

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2 months ago
I used to be so confused about prevailing wage laws, but this course clarified everything. Kudos to the instructor!
2 months ago
Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to understand prevailing wage laws better.
2 months ago
This course exceeded my expectations! The instructor provided valuable insights into prevailing wage laws.
2 months ago
I learned so much from this course! The instructor's explanations were easy to understand.
2 months ago
Amazing course! Everything was explained clearly, and the instructor was very knowledgeable.
2 months ago
Great course! Learned a lot about labor laws on public projects. Easy to understand!