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Navigating DIR Websites – There’s More There Then You Think!

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Navigating DIR Websites

Our course Navigating DIR Websites – There’s More There Than You Think provides comprehensive insights into the federal and state labor law requirements applicable to contractors and subcontractors engaged in public works projects. By dissecting the intricacies of these regulations, participants gain a thorough understanding of their obligations and responsibilities to ensure compliance and fair treatment of workers.

A key focus of the course is the DIR Prevailing Wage Law, which mandates that contractors and subcontractors pay workers employed on public works projects not less than the specified general prevailing wage rates for their work classification. Participants learn how to ascertain and comply with prevailing wage rates, including overtime provisions and rate changes, while also understanding the penalties for non-compliance.

Certified Payrolls

Additionally, the course explores requirements related to the employment of registered apprentices on public works projects in accordance with labor laws. Participants are guided on how to fulfill apprenticeship obligations, including submitting contract award information, employing registered apprentices, and making training fund contributions.

Furthermore, the Navigating DIR Websites course highlights various compliance measures such as maintaining accurate certified payroll records, ensuring proper licensing, and adhering to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Participants also learn about prohibitions on kickbacks, acceptance of fees, and unfair competition.

The course equips participants with essential resources and tools, including links to DIR websites for prevailing wage determinations, apprenticeship information, certified payroll reporting, and frequently asked questions. By familiarizing themselves with these resources, participants can navigate the complexities of public works projects with confidence and ensure adherence to labor laws and regulations.

Overall, Navigating DIR Websites – There’s More There Than You Think provides contractors and subcontractors with a comprehensive understanding of their legal obligations and resources available to facilitate compliance, ultimately fostering fair labor practices and protecting the rights of workers involved in public works projects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Participants in this project will learn about the comprehensive federal and state labor law requirements applicable to public works projects, including prevailing wage regulations, overtime provisions, apprenticeship obligations, penalties for non-compliance, certified payroll recordkeeping, and prohibitions against kickbacks and acceptance of fees. Understanding these regulations is crucial for contractors and subcontractors to ensure compliance with labor laws and to avoid penalties and legal issues during public works projects.

Course Content

1. Navigating DIR Websites: A General Overview

  • Navigating DIR Websites: A General Overview
  • Navigating DIR Websites

2. Wage Determinations and Prevailing Wages

3. DIR Scope of Work, Travel & Subsistence and Holidays

4. General Prevailing Wages Residential, Apprentice & Superceded Information

5. DIR Apprenticeship Requirements

6. Public Works and Public Scrutiny

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2 months ago
Best course ever! I learned so much about prevailing wage laws and how to avoid penalties.
2 months ago
Great course content, and the instructor was fantastic.
2 months ago
This course was fantastic! I learned so much about prevailing wage requirements, and the instructor was incredibly helpful.
2 months ago
I highly recommend this instructor and course. It was worth every penny!
2 months ago
I feel much more confident navigating prevailing wage requirements after taking this course.
2 months ago
Every section has been well discussed in the course. It's definitely easy to understand. Overall, it's a course worth to recommend!!!