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Federal Davis-Bacon Contractors Guide

About Course

Our course on the Federal Davis-Bacon Contractors Guide is designed to make it easy for agencies and contractors working on Davis-Bacon construction projects to understand and follow the rules. We want to ensure that everyone knows how to pay fair wages and treat workers properly.

The Federal Davis-Bacon Contractors Guide is geared towards agencies and contractors involved in Davis-Bacon construction projects. Its aim is to simplify the rules regarding fair wages and labor practices, ensuring that everyone involved understands and follows them.

Davis-Bacon Related Act

In the course, we cover everything employers, main contractors, subcontractors, and different types of workers need to know. This includes understanding the rules and the consequences of breaking them, according to important labor laws like the Davis-Bacon Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Davis-Bacon Related Act Prevailing Wages

A big part of the course is figuring out how much workers should be paid for different types of construction jobs. This is crucial for accurately bidding on government projects. We also discuss how to be flexible while still following the rules, so each project can meet its needs without breaking any laws.

Davis-Bacon Related Act Enforcement

We teach strategies endorsed by Federal Agencies for finding and fixing problems early. This includes doing on-site interviews and carefully checking payroll. The goal is to catch mistakes quickly and make things right, so workers receive fair pay.

Correcting Payrolls

We also help participants learn how to correct payroll errors and ensure workers receive the wages they’re owed. By mastering these steps, everyone can ensure they’re following the rules and treating workers well, especially on construction projects that receive help from Federal Agencies.

Course Summary

In summary, our course simplifies the Federal Davis-Bacon Contractors Guide for everyone involved. This helps projects run smoothly and ensures workers are treated fairly.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The Guide to Davis-Bacon Labor Standards Compliance offers comprehensive insights into the intricacies of prevailing wage regulations, providing a detailed understanding of Davis-Bacon compliance, administrative allowances, LCA responsibilities, key labor laws, wage decisions, and enforcement strategies. Learners will gain knowledge on correcting payroll errors, navigating falsification indicators, and ensuring wage restitution and compliance with labor standards.

Course Content

1. Guide to Davis-Bacon Labor Standards Compliance

  • Davis-Bacon Labor Standards Compliance
  • Davis-Bacon Labor Standards Compliance

2. Understanding Davis-Bacon Compliance and Labor Standards in Construction

3. Understanding Administrative Allowances and Labor Regulations in Construction

4. Understanding LCA Responsibilities in Davis-Bacon Programs

5. Understanding Key Federal Labor Laws and Regulations in Construction

6. Understanding Davis-Bacon Regulations and Labor Standards in Construction Contracts

7. Understanding Davis-Bacon and Related Acts in HUD Programs: Compliance and Resources

8. Understanding Construction Wage Decisions: General vs. Project, Categories

9. Understanding DBRA Wage Decisions and Contractor Responsibilities in Federal Projects

10. Flexibility in Labor Standards Administration: Preconstruction Conferences, Wage Rate Sheets, and File Systems

11. Efficient Enforcement Strategies: Targeted On-Site Interviews and Payroll Review Prioritization

12. Ensuring Labor Standards Compliance: Payroll Reviews and On-Site Interviews in Davis-Bacon Projects

13. Ensuring Compliance: Correcting Payroll Errors and Reporting Procedures in Davis-Bacon Projects

14. Navigating Payroll Errors and Falsification Indicators in Davis-Bacon Projects

15. Navigating DBRA Payroll Compliance and Corrective Measures in Labor Standards

16. Understanding DBRA Wage Restitution and Reporting Procedures

17. DBRA Review of Certified Payrolls and Contractor Payments

1A. Davis-Bacon Guide for Contractors: Compliance and Standards Explained (addendum)

2A. Understanding Key Labor Laws and Regulations for Federal Construction Projects (addendum)

3A. Navigating Labor Standards in Construction Contracts: Davis-Bacon Wage Decisions and Compliance Measures (addendum)

4A. Understanding DBRA Contractor Responsibilities and Contract Administration (addendum)

5A. Understanding Davis-Bacon Wage Basics and Contractor Responsibilities (addendum)

6A. DBRA Certified Payroll Reports (CPRs) in Construction Contracts (addendum)

7A. Understanding DBRA Payroll Reporting Requirements for Contractors in Construction Projects (addendum)

8A. Understanding DBRA Piece-Work Reporting and Payroll Certification in Construction (addendum)

9A. Navigating the Process for Additional DBRA Work Classifications and Wage Rates in Construction Projects (addendum)

10A. Navigating DBRA Labor Standards Disputes: Administrative Review and Resolution Processes (addendum)

11A. Ensuring Wage Compliance: DOL Review and Payment Withholding Practices (addendum)

12A. Understanding DOL Administrative Sanctions for Labor Standards Violations (addendum)

13A. Navigating DBRA Prevailing Wages

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4 months ago
Davis-Bacon compliance doesn't have to be daunting anymore. This course breaks it down perfectly.
4 months ago
This course helped me understand Davis-Bacon labor laws like never before!
4 months ago
I've struggled with Davis-Bacon for years, but this course clarified everything. 5 stars!
5 months ago
Learned so much from this course! Brad was clear and easy to follow. Very comprehensive and fun. Took me from knowing nothing about labor compliance to monitoring large scale public works projects. Would highly recommend!
4 months ago
Awesome course with a ton of great content and videos.