§ 1777.7. Violations; penalties; violations of subcontractors

  1. If the Labor Commissioner or his or her designee determines after an investigation that a contractor or subcontractor knowingly violated Section 1777.5, the contractor and any subcontractor responsible for the violation shall forfeit, as a civil penalty to the state or political subdivision on whose behalf the contract is made or awarded, not more than one hundred dollars ($100) for each full calendar day of noncompliance. The amount of this penalty may be reduced by the Labor Commissioner if the amount of the penalty would be disproportionate to the severity of the violation. A contractor or subcontractor that knowingly commits a second or subsequent violation within a three-year period, if the noncompliance results in apprenticeship training not being provided as required by this chapter, shall forfeit as a civil penalty the sum of not more than three hundred dollars ($300) for each full calendar day of noncompliance.
    1. In lieu of the penalty provided for in this subdivision, the Labor Commissioner may, for a first-time violation and with the concurrence of an apprenticeship program described in subdivision (d) of Section 1777.5, order the contractor or subcontractor to provide apprentice employment equivalent to the work hours that would have been provided for apprentices during the period of noncompliance.
  2. The Labor Commissioner shall consider, in setting the amount of a monetary penalty, all of the following circumstances:
    1. Whether the violation was intentional.
    2. Whether the party has committed other violations of Section 1777.5.
    3. Whether, upon notice of the violation, the party took steps to voluntarily remedy the violation.
    4. Whether, and to what extent, the violation resulted in lost training opportunities for apprentices.
    5. Whether, and to what extent, the violation otherwise harmed apprentices or apprenticeship programs.
  3. The Labor Commissioner or his or her designee shall issue a civil wage and penalty assessment, in accordance with the provisions of Section 1741, upon determination of penalties assessed under subdivisions (a) and (b). Review of a civil wage and penalty assessment issued under this subdivision may be requested in accordance with the provisions of Section 1742. The regulations of the Director of Industrial Relations, which govern proceedings for review of civil wage and penalty assessments and the withholding of contract payments under Article 1 (commencing with Section 1720) and Article 2 (commencing with Section 1770), shall apply.
    1. For purposes of this section, a determination issued pursuant to subdivision (a) or (b) includes a determination that has been approved by the Labor Commissioner and issued by an awarding body that has been authorized to assist the director in the enforcement of Section 1777.5 pursuant to subdivision (p) of that section. The Labor Commissioner may intervene in any proceeding for review of a determination issued by an awarding body. If the involvement of the Labor Commissioner in a labor compliance program enforcement action is limited to a review of the determination and the matter is resolved without litigation by or against the Labor Commissioner or the department, the awarding body shall enforce any applicable penalties, as specified in this section, and shall deposit any penalties and forfeitures collected in the General Fund.
  4. The determination of the Labor Commissioner as to the amount of the penalty imposed under subdivisions (a) and (b) shall be reviewable only for an abuse of discretion.
  5. If a subcontractor is found to have violated Section 1777.5, the prime contractor of the project is not liable for any penalties under subdivision (a) unless the prime contractor had knowledge of the subcontractor's failure to comply with the provisions of Section 1777.5 or unless the prime contractor fails to comply with any of the following requirements:
    1. The contract executed between the contractor and the subcontractor for the performance of work on the public works project shall include a copy of the provisions of Sections 1771, 1775, 1776, 1777.5, 1813, and 1815.
    2. The contractor shall continually monitor a subcontractor's use of apprentices required to be employed on the public works project pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 1777.5, including, but not limited to, periodic review of the certified payroll of the subcontractor.
    3. Upon becoming aware of a failure of the subcontractor to employ the required number of apprentices, the contractor shall take corrective action, including, but not limited to, retaining funds due to the subcontractor for work performed on the public works project until the failure is corrected.
    4. Prior to making the final payment to the subcontractor for work performed on the public works project, the contractor shall obtain a declaration signed under penalty of perjury from the subcontractor that the subcontractor has employed the required number of apprentices on the public works project.
  6. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement shall notify the contractor on a public works project within 15 days of the receipt by the division of a complaint that a subcontractor on that public works project knowingly violated Section 1777.5.
  7. The interpretation of Section 1777.5 and the substantive requirements of this section applicable to contractors or subcontractors shall be in accordance with the regulations of the California Apprenticeship Council.
  8. The Director of Industrial Relations may adopt regulations to establish guidelines for the imposition of monetary penalties.

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