I am a non-union contractor. Am I required to hire an apprentice?

Yes, and you must request dispatch from all approved programs in the geographic area of the project.

I requested an apprentice from an approved program and was asked to sign a document saying I would send the program my training fund contributions. Am I required to sign such a document?

No. You are not required to sign any additional documents, such as a firm agree to train (DAS 7), or agree to any other conditions set forth by the program. If the program does not want to dispatch apprentices unconditionally, and you have contacted all the appropriate programs in the geographic area then you have met your obligation under the law.

I paid my employees the CAC training fund contribution

I am a contractor and I paid my employees the training fund contribution instead of the applicable program. Am I still required to pay into a training fund?

Yes and you are not allowed to recover the erroneous amounts paid to the employee.

Consulting Services We Provide

  • Review public works preconstruction contracts
  • Monitor DIR contractor/subcontractor certified payrolls
  • Audit labor classification for each worker employed
  • Review DIR pre-DAS 140/142 submissions
  • Review CAC training fund contributions form CAC-2
  • Review DIR Fringe Benefits Statement PW-26
  • Monitor DIR wage determinations
  • Audit fringe benefits allowances
  • Review DIR holiday payment requirements
  • Audit DIR travel & subsistence requirements
  • Caltrans Labor Compliance
  • County of Sacramento Labor Compliance
  • City of Los Angeles Labor Compliance
  • Los Angeles Unified School District Labor Compliance
  • Federal Davis-Bacon Project Monitoring
  • Federal DBE Implementation & Review
  • Federal FAA AIP Goal Setting
  • DIR & Davis-Bacon Training
  • DIR Civil Wage Penalty Review
  • Local-Hire Review (e.g., San Francisco)
  • Skilled and Trained Workforce

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