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As a matter of longstanding policy, DOL has distinguished four general types of construction for purposes of making prevailing wage determinations: building construction, residential construction, heavy construction, and highway construction. All Agency Memoranda Nos. 130 and 131 provide guidance in the application of this policy. Generally, for wage determination purposes, a project consists of all construction necessary to complete a facility regardless of the number of contracts involved, so long as all contracts awarded are closely related in purpose, time, and place.

All Agency Memorandum No. 130 - "Application Of The Standard Of Comparison 'Projects of a Character Similar' Under the Davis-Bacon And Related Acts" - provides general descriptions of each general type of construction and includes lists of examples in each general category. In brief:

  1. Building Construction includes the construction, rehabilitation and repair of sheltered enclosures with walk-in access for the purpose of housing persons, machinery, equipment, or supplies.

  2. Residential Construction includes the construction, rehabilitation, and repair of single family houses, townhouses, and apartment buildings of no more than four (4) stories in height.

  3. Highway Construction includes the construction, alteration or repair of roads, streets, highways, runways, parking areas and most other paving work not incidental to building or heavy construction.

  4. Heavy Construction is a "catch-all" category which includes those projects which cannot be classified as Building, Residential or Highway. Heavy construction is often further distinguished on the basis of the characteristics of particular projects, such as dredging, water and sewer line, dams, major bridges and flood control projects.

Any questions or disputes regarding the appropriate classification of a project with regard to type of construction should be referred to the WHD for resolution prior to bid opening (or other appropriate wage determination lock-in date; a discussion of "lock-in-dates" may be found in the "Area Practice" section of the "" chapter of this Resource Book.) A request for a ruling should include a complete description of the project and other relevant information, such as wage payment data from similar construction projects in the local area, documentation of the views of parties in dispute, and other material interested parties wish to have considered. This may be appropriate where questions arise concerning the proper categorization of an entire project or particular portions of a project. (Below is a brief discussion on how to determine when multiple wage schedules should be applied to different types of construction to be performed on a project and when lesser portions of a project will be considered incidental to the main type of construction to be performed.)

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