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DBA Wage Determination

The WDOL web site (https://beta.sam.gov/search?index=wd) contains all current wage determinations as well as previous modifications to the wage determinations (archived wage determinations) and a listing of the wage determinations to be modified in the next publication cycle.

Current, archived, or due to be revised Davis-Bacon wage determinations can be found by selecting one of these options from the "Davis Bacon Act" main menu:

  • Selecting DBA WDs
  • Archived WDs
  • WDs to be revised

Current GWDs

DBA Wage Determination

A current wage determination can be obtained by choosing "Selecting DB WDs" from the Davis Bacon Act Main Menu (illustrated below) and then by:

  • Entering the wage decision number, if known,
  • OR

  • Entering selection criteria, which will automatically select the applicable wage determination by:
    1. State
    2. County
    3. l Type of Construction
    4. OR

    5. Browsing by state/territory
DBA Wage Determination

Each of these methods is illustrated on the following sample screen.

By WHD Number

Select DBA WD by number:

(Enter WD number in the following format: two letter abbreviation for the state and the number of the WD. For example, VA3, NOT VA030003 or MD150 NOT MD030150.)



DBA Wage Determination

By Selection criteria





Construction Type:

All Construction Types

(Types of Construction Under DBA)

WD Number:




By State

Browse by state/territory.


Previous (Archived) GWDs

A previous modification of a wage determination can be obtained by choosing "Archived WDs" from the "Davis Bacon Act" Main Menu and entering the publication year of the wage determination and the wage determination number as illustrated in the sample screen below).

  1. Archived Davis-Bacon Act Wage Determinations
  2. When DBA WDs are revised, the current revision is available on WDOL.gov (Selecting DBA WDs). The old WD is archived on this page. (Archived WDs are for Information Purposes Only: WDOL User's Guide: Sec. C.4.e )
  3. Search:
  4. Enter a DBA WD Number: (Enter DBA WD numbers in the following format: two-letter abbreviation for the state, and the number of the WD. For example, DBA WD "VA030003" is entered "VA3"; DBA WD "MD030150" is entered "MD150")

Future GWDs (to be revised)

A listing of the wage determinations scheduled to be modified in the next publication cycle can be obtained by choosing "WDs due to be revised" from the "Davis Bacon Act" Main Menu as illustrated below in the sample screen.

  1. Davis-Bacon Act Wage Determinations Due To Be Revised
  2. The following DBA General Wage Determinations have been revised or created new and will be available at WDOL.gov on or after October 12, 2007
  3. AL070056 WITHDRAWN

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  • Review DIR holiday payment requirements
  • Audit DIR travel & subsistence requirements
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  • Los Angeles Unified School District Labor Compliance
  • Federal Davis-Bacon Project Monitoring
  • Federal DBE Implementation & Review
  • Federal FAA AIP Goal Setting
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