Using The SCA Directory Of Occupations

Using the SCA Directory of Occupations

  1. The SCA Directory of Occupations provides the occupational titles and describes the scope of duties for each occupation listed. It is available by use of a link on the WDOL website or In addition to the Directory, links are provided for the:
    1. "Table of Contents," which provides a numerical listing of occupational categories and titles, "Federal Grade Equivalencies," and location of each in the Directory by page; and the
    2. "Occupational Index," which provides an alphabetical listing of occupational titles.
  2. The classification system developed is structured on a three-tier arrangement: category, occupation, and level of difficulty. Each tier represents groupings in successively finer detail. This should enable users who so desire to tabulate or analyze data at different levels of aggregation.
  3. Note: Below are the 20 broad occupational categories arranged alphabetically and coded numerically.
    1. 01000 Administrative Support and Clerical Occupations
      05000 Automotive Services Occupations
      06000 Automotive Service (Retail) Occupations
      07000 Food Preparation and Service Occupations
      08000 Forestry and Logging Occupations
      09000 Furniture Maintenance and Repair Occupations
      11000 General Services and Support Occupations
      12000 Health Occupations
      13000 Information and Arts Occupations
      14000 Information Technology Occupations
      15000 Instructional Occupations
      16000 Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Pressing and Related Occupations
      19000 Machine Tool Operation and Repair Occupations
      21000 Materials Handling and Packing Occupations
      23000 Mechanics and Maintenance and Repair Occupations
      24000 Personal Needs Occupations
      25000 Plant and System Operation Occupations
      27000 Protective Service Occupations
      28000 Recreational Occupations
      29000 Stevedoring/Longshoremen Occupational Services
      30000 Technical Occupations
      31000 Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Occupations
      47000 Water Transportation Occupations
      91000 Wildlife Management and Animal Care Occupations
      99000 Miscellaneous Occupations
  4. The detailed numerical listing presents the categories, occupations, levels of difficulty, federal grade equivalencies, and the page numbers on which the occupational descriptions can be found. The coding system utilized by the Directory has the following characteristics:
    1. Each occupational title is identified by a five digit code.
    2. The first two digits of each occupational code identify the broad category of occupations to which each specific occupation belongs. For example, since the code for the broad category of Administrative Support is 01000, each specific occupation within this category begins with the first two digits 01, such as, Court Reporter, 01040.
    3. Within each broad category, occupations are listed in alphabetical order. Therefore, the third and fourth digit of each occupational code follow that alphabetical progression. For example, the code for Rental Clerk is 01290, while the code for Scheduler, Maintenance is 01300.
    4. Occupations that reflect distinct levels in "job families" are prefaced by "base" statements that describe occupational content common to each level.
    5. The levels of difficulty are denoted by Roman numerals placed after the title, with the numeral "I" being the least difficult, and each numeral thereafter indicating a more difficult level. In general, the higher the grade level, the greater the level of complexity and compensation. The codes for each level, such as General Clerk I, General Clerk II, and General Clerk III, utilize the fifth digit to differentiate one from the other. For example, General Clerk I, 01111; General Clerk II, 01112; and General Clerk III, 01113.
    6. Each broad category is defined so that homogeneous groupings can be delineated. The titles represent those most commonly used in the wage determination process. The descriptions represent composites of jobs found in a number of establishments and may differ from those in use in individual establishments or those prepared for other purposes.
    7. Some of these definitions have been adjusted to meet SCA operations requirements. Immediately following the title, there may be one or more titles in parentheses. These are alternative titles for the titles with which they are shown. They are synonymous titles and appear in the alphabetical index in lower case.

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