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Definition 29 C.F.R. § 5.2(j).

  1. The terms "construction, prosecution, completion, or repair" mean all types of work done on a particular building or work at the site (including work at a facility deemed part of the "site of the work") by laborers and mechanics of a construction contractor or construction subcontractor, including without limitation:
    1. Altering, remodeling, installation (where appropriate) on the site of the work of items fabricated off-site.
    2. Painting and decorating.
    3. The manufacturing or furnishing of materials, articles, supplies or equipment on the site of the building or work.
    4. Transportation between the "site of the work" (within the meaning of 29 C.F.R. § 5.2(l)) and a facility which is dedicated to the construction of the building or work and deemed a part of the "site of the work" (within the meaning of 29 C.F.R. § 5.2(l)).

Coverage of truck drivers

  1. Truck drivers are covered by Davis-Bacon in the following circumstances:
    1. Drivers of a contractor or subcontractor for time spent working on the site of the work.
    2. Drivers of a contractor or subcontractor for time spent loading and/or unloading materials and supplies on the site of the work, if such time is not de minimis. (Note: information provided regarding "material suppliers" may also be relevant.)
    3. Truck drivers transporting materials or supplies between a facility that is deemed part of the site of the work and the actual construction site.
    4. Truck drivers transporting portion(s) of the building or work between a site established specifically for the performance of the contract or project where a significant portion of such building or work is constructed and the physical place(s) where the building or work called for in the contract(s) will remain.
  2. Truck drivers are not covered in the following instances:
    1. Material delivery truck drivers while off "the site of the work."
    2. Drivers of a contractor or subcontractor traveling between a Davis-Bacon job and a commercial supply facility while they are off the "site of the work."
    3. Truck drivers whose time spent on the site of the work is de minimis, such as only a few minutes at a time merely to pick up or drop off materials or supplies. (See further information in the discussion below concerning "material suppliers.")
  3. DOL has an enforcement position with respect to bona fide owner-operators of trucks who own and drive their own trucks. Certified payrolls including the names of such owner-operators do not need to show the hours worked or rates paid, only the notation "owner-operator". This position does not apply to owner-operators of other equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, welding machines, etc. (WHD does not view rental of a truck as equivalent to ownership.)
  4. Overtime pay requirements under CWHSSA apply to truck drivers employed by contractors and subcontractors regardless of whether the hours worked on the contract are on or off the site of the work.

Material suppliers

  1. The manufacture and delivery to the work site of supply items such as sand, gravel, and ready-mixed concrete, when accomplished by bona fide material suppliers, are activities not covered by DBA/DBRA requirements. (This would be so even though the materials are delivered directly into a contractor's mixing facilities at the work site.)
  2. Bona fide material suppliers whose only contractual obligations for on-site work are to deliver materials and/or pick up materials are not considered contractors under the DBA/DBRA. Thus, their employees are not subject to the Davis-Bacon labor standards.
  3. However, if a material supplier, manufacturer, or carrier undertakes to perform a part of a construction contract as a subcontractor, its laborers and mechanics employed at the site of the work would be subject to Davis-Bacon labor standards in the same manner as those employed by any other contractor or subcontractor.
    1. Laborers and mechanics employed by a material supplier who are required to perform more than an incidental amount of construction work in any workweek at the site of the work would be covered by the Davis-Bacon labor standards and due the applicable wage rate for the classification of work performed. For enforcement purposes, if such an employee spends more than 20% of his/her time in a workweek engaged in such activities on the site, he/she is Davis-Bacon covered for all time spent on the site during that workweek.

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