- Site of The Work

Definition 29 C.F.R. § 5.2(l).

  1. 5.2(l)(1) - "Site of the work" is the physical place or places where the building or work called for in the contract will remain, and any other site where a significant portion of the building or work is constructed, provided that such site is established specifically for the performance of the contract or project.
    For example:
    1. If a small office building is being erected, the "site of the work" will normally include no more than the building itself and its grounds.
    2. In the case of larger projects, such as airports, highways, or dams, the "site of the work" is necessarily more extensive and may include the whole area in which the construction activity will take place.
    3. Where a very large segment of a dam is constructed up-river and floated downstream to be affixed onto a support structure, the secondary construction site would be within the meaning of "site of the work" for Davis-Bacon purposes if it was established for and dedicated to the dam construction project.
  2. 5.2(l)(2) - Except as provided in paragraph 5.2(l)(3), batch plants, borrow pits, job headquarters, tool yards, etc., are part of the "site," provided they are dedicated exclusively, or nearly so, to the contract or project, and are adjacent or virtually adjacent to the site of the work as defined in paragraph 5.2(l)(1).
  3. 5.2(l)(3) - Not included in the "site of work" are permanent home offices, branch plant establishments, fabrication plants, tool yards, etc., of a contractor or subcontractor whose location and continuance in operation are determined wholly without regard to a particular federal or federally assisted project.
    Also excluded from the "site of the work" are fabrication plants, batch plants, borrow pits, job headquarters, tool yards, etc., of a commercial or material supplier which are established by a supplier of materials for the project before opening of bids and not on the site of the work as stated in paragraph 5.2(l)(1), even where such operations for a period of time may be dedicated exclusively, or nearly so, to the performance of a contract.
  4. CWHSSA has no site of work limitation. An employee performing part of the contract work under a construction contract at the job site who then continues contract work at a shop or other facility located elsewhere is subject to CWHSSA overtime pay for all the hours worked at both locations and travel time between them. (Different wage rates might be paid, as the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements would apply only to activities performed on "the site of the work.")
  5. Contracting agencies should consult the WHD when confronted with "site of the work" issues.

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