3-2 Administrative Review On Labor Standards Disputes

3-2 Administrative Review On Labor Standards Disputes.

As mentioned in the Introduction above, a dispute about labor standards and compliance can arise for a number of reasons. The labor standards clauses in your contract and DOL regulations provide for administrative review of issues where there is a difference of views between the contract administrator and any employer. The most common circumstances include:

  1. Additional classifications and wage rates. Additional classification and wage rate requests are sometimes denied by the DOL. An employer that is dissatisfied with the denial can request reconsideration by the DOL Wage and Hour Administrator. The employer may continue to pay the wage rate, as requested, until a final decision is rendered on the matter. When the final decision is known, the employer will be required to pay any additional wages that may be necessary to satisfy the wage rate that is established.
    1. Reconsideration. The DOL normally identifies the reasons for denial in its response to the request. Any interested person (for example, the contract administrator, employer, representatives of the employees) may request reconsideration of the decision on the additional classification request. The request for reconsideration must be made in writing and must thoroughly address the denial reasons identified by the DOL. Employer requests for reconsideration should be made through the contract administrator but may be made directly to the DOL. (See 2-2(d), and also DOL Regulations 29 CFR 1.8.) All requests initiated by or made through the contract administrator or HUD must be submitted through the HUD Headquarters Office of Labor Relations.
    2. Administrative Review Board. Any interested party may request a review of the Administrator’s decision on reconsideration by the DOL’s Administrative Review Board. DOL regulations 29 CFR Part 7 explain the procedures for such reviews. (See also 29 CFR 1.9.)
  2. Findings of underpayment. Compliance reviews and other follow-up enforcement actions may result in findings of underpayment. The primary goal in every case and at every step in this process is to reach agreements about who may have been underpaid and how much wage restitution may be due and, of course, to promptly deliver restitution to any underpaid workers. The contract administrator will usually work informally with you to reach such agreements. You will have an opportunity to provide additional information to the contract administrator that may explain apparent inconsistencies and/or resolve the discrepancies.

    If informal exchanges do not result in agreement, the final determination and schedule of back wages due will be presented to you in writing and you will be permitted 30 days in which to correct the underpayment(s) or to request a hearing on the matter before the DOL. The request for hearing must be made in writing through the contract administrator and must explain what findings are in dispute and the reasons. In such cases, HUD is required to submit a report to DOL for review and further consideration. All requests for DOLhearing must be submitted through the HUD Headquarters Office of Labor Relations.
    1. DOL review. The DOL will review the contract administrator’s report and the arguments against the findings presented in the hearing request. The DOL may affirm or modify the findings based upon the materials presented. You will be notified in writing by the DOL of the results of its review. If DOL concludes that violations have occurred, you will be given an opportunity to correct any underpayments or to request a hearing before a DOL Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). (See DOL Regulations 29 CFR 5.11 (b) and 29 CFR Part 6, Rules of Practice for Administrative Proceedings.)
    2. Administrative Review Board. Contractors and/or subcontractors may request a review by the Administrative Review Board of the decision(s) rendered by the DOL ALJ in the administrative hearing process. See DOL regulations 29 CFR Part 7 for more information about this proceeding.

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