- Grants to Localities and Consortia in FY2014

In FY2014, 587 localities or consortia also received their own HOME formula grant allocations. The median grant to localities was almost $580,000 and the mean grant was just over $1 million. Again, the mean grant amount is higher than the median because some localities received especially large grants. In particular, New York City received a grant of close to $60 million, nearly three times the size of the next largest formula grant to a locality (Los Angeles was the locality with the next-largest formula grant, at almost $21 million), and nearly twice the next highest formula grant amount awarded (the grant to the state of California of nearly $31 million). Most localities (about 450) received formula grants of less than $1 million. The smallest formula grant amount to a locality was less than $72,000 and was awarded to East Orange, NJ.

An increasing number of participating jurisdictions and a decreasing amount of funding have meant that many cities and counties qualify for a relatively small grant amount. In FY2014, over 250 local jurisdictions received formula grants of $500,000 or less, including over 100 local jurisdictions with grants of less than $335,000. In its FY2014 and FY2015 budget submissions, the Obama Administration proposed legislative changes to the requirements for becoming and remaining a PJ that could affect the number of localities that would continue to qualify for their own formula allocations. Namely, the Administration has proposed removing the lower funding threshold to become a participating jurisdiction that applies in years when less than $1.5 billion is appropriated to the program (described in the “Participating Jurisdictions” section of this report) and ending the practice of allowing localities to remain PJs indefinitely after they first qualify. Instead, under the Administration’s proposal, a locality that becomes a PJ would remain one for five years before having to qualify again.

Appendix B at the end of this report shows the number of participating jurisdictions (localities and consortia) in each state in FY2014. It also shows the total combined formula grant funding that each state and its participating jurisdictions received that year, and the percentage of total HOME funding for formula grants that each state’s combined allocation represents.

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